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Miracle on 7th street

Posted Friday, September 19, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh

There was nothing more that our girls could do for us after the incredible win against Northport, or so we thought. I have always heard about a let down after an emotional victory, and I feared our lady T-Birds would have a tough time getting up for our cross-town rival Sachen North. No worries, I had a secret weapon. You see Sachem North dethroned us from our summer league championship and won our Town of Brookhaven Championship T-Shirts. A T-Shirt that was made in black and red for the assumed future champ, Connetquot.

Well most of us watched as North scored 2 goals with under 5 minutes left to play to beat us 2-1 and end our summer league. Well lucky for me I had one of the T-shirts, thanks to our JV which was able to take home the summer league title. So of course I brought the shirt with me as my secret weapon to ward against any possible let down. I told the girls the story and showed the shirt and the "look" seemed to return.

As the game began the action was sloppy and listless. Sachem North did a brilliant job of playing 5 defenders and 3 midfielders to really stifle our offense and force us to hit from outside the 18. The wind conditions made it difficult to convert on their All-County keeper. So the first half ended without anything to speak off. We outshot them by a few they won 12 of 22 50/50's, a typical North game.

The second half began and you could feel the feel of the game change, North was pulling the game away from us. You see our girls were spent emotionally. So 15 minutes in North forward Viscardi battled a ball down the left side of the 18 and hit a seed over Sammy and into the net. The worst thing had happened, 1-0 North and our girls had nothing left to give, or so i thought. Brittany Holloway entered the game and provided some needed energy and the girls began to try and pull the game away from their worthy adversaries. With ten minutes to go in the game we added a midfielder at the expense of our defense and we flooded the middle of the field as North cluttered the box. With 3 minutes remaining in the game the bench, the coach, and the players knew that we were going to tie the game. Freshman Joanne Murino lofted a pass over the Sachem North log jam and big sister Danielle Ran the ball and herself into the net to tie the game. The much needed tying goal lit a fire that no tshirt could do. The girls then raced the ball down the sideline and Nora Connolly blasted a ball that hit off the far post and in. The ref called it a goal on t he shot, but even if it was not in, the Birds had two players ready to finish it. As always backing each other up. The horn blew and somehow, someway the girls were 2-0 . This is truly a team of magic, words can't express how I feel about them and the passion they bring to this team and school. With undefeated unscored upon Commack looming on Monday the T-Birds will heal their wounds and be ready for another battle on Monday, and we know the parents will be there with us. YOU KNOW!!! Oh by the way Connetquot Thunderbirds ranked #9 in the State of New York!!!!!

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