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Looking like a contender again.

Posted Wednesday, October 01, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh
It is not easy to travel to Commack and really have the game taken to you. As a coach i felt helpless at times with the Commack defense. Did I feel beaten? Yes, but determined to better ourselves as a team. I think every team has a moment in a season where they can turn and run for cover or look at themselves in the mirror and truly look down deep and find why they started playing this game to begin with.

The bus ride to Walt Whitman was somewhat subdued as the team was again about to face a team that on paper they were supposed to beat. We all remember what the paper said we should do Sachem North. As we pulled into Walt Whitman High I felt that our girls needed to know that they have become an average soccer team over the last three games and it wasn't too late to regain that fire that had so many people talking about them when this season began.  We had to recommit ourselves to the team and stop being individuals on the soccer field.

Well the soccer game began very quickly and I realized in the first ten minutes that our team had returned. There was spacing, and shape. There was smooth sharp, small passes that made it easier for us to switch the field and catch the defense off guard. There was a huge victory in 50/50 balls. There were several players given an opportunity and grabbed it by the horns. There was a defense that allowed 0 second half shots. There were outside halfbacks making runs that made it possible for us to play a 4-4-2 and own the middle of the field. I truly felt that we beat a well coached well prepared team that was unable to keep up with our girls. I also feel that not many teams can when we play that type of soccer.

We need to keep this energy, and more importantly focus up for not only game days but at every practice, The key to this team's future lies in their practice performance and their ability to translate that success onto the field on game day. I believe we can accomplish our goals.

I thank you for standing by our team, staying positive and encouraging our T-Birds through even the tough times. Bay Shore on Thursday should offer us another chance to enhance our focus and bring us one step closer to a second consecutive playoff berth.

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