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Connetquot Girls Continue to Impress

Posted Friday, October 03, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh

The results were there and the team was ready. Every one of the Connetquot Girls knew that Bay Shore had nearly stunned the powerful team that is Northport just a few days earlier. As shocked as we were with the 2-1 result in Northport's favor it was exactly what the T-Birds needed to see. It was us, just a year ago that suffered a stunning loss at the hands of one of the lower teams in our League, so we were not going to overlook Bay Shore.

It all started with a spirited practice on Wednesday morning. All I wanted the girls to think about was Bay Shore, I wanted them to view Bay Shore as the team to beat, and I wanted the girls dream about Bay Shore that night. A let down was not going to be in this team's future.

When game day arrived, I walked out to see the ladies ready, they were focused and we had 80 minutes to put our skills on display. When Bay Shore arrived they brought with them a quiet confidence that impressed me and some of our girls. They were ready to battle the team they had been reading about in the papers all month long. (We love Newsday giving us all the love, but the price is one large BULLSEYE.)  However once the whistle blew our T-Birds soared quickly. Nicole Alix took a ball from midfielder Toni Diesel and set a ball (that I hope was a cross) that the wind caught and tricked the Bay Shore keeper. 1-0 C-Quot and they were hungry for more. Danielle Murino quickly added another goal on a breakaway, the usual cool and calm Danielle simply dribbled the ball around their keeper. The game was going the T-Birds way and the hard work and determination never seemed to end. The girls continued to pound the net and the scoring continued. Nora Connolly added two goals both low hard corner shots (PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!) Danielle Murino added another to her growing scoring list and Kelly Geheran's hard work finally paid off as she converted a cross off her head, off a Bay Shore's girl’s foot past the keeper. Congratulations Kelly on your first Varsity Goal. I know we will have many more accomplishments to celebrate as your career moves forward. Once the ref had blown the whistle ending the game, the scoreboard read T-Birds 6 and Bay Shore 0. A very strong win, but again just another game that we needed to put us in the position that we want to be come playoff time.

Our next game is on Tuesday at arch rival Northport and even though the Varsity Birds have outscored their last three opponents 18-0, there is no chance that we are becoming over confident. We know that we are new to success and every game is a new opportunity to put our team in a place few Connetquot teams have been before. Good Luck to all the ladies that are taking the SATs on Saturday and I will see you all on Monday afternoon.

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