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A Glimpse into the Future looks Bright!!

Posted Saturday, October 04, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh

It is a rare occasion for the Varsity coach to be able to have the pleasure of watching a JV soccer game. Not that I am new to the JV sidelines, I called it home for 6 seasons. Back then, knew that every game the JV played mattered and every one of our girls knew it as well. I feel that many of our Varsity girls learned how to really win at the JV level. Players such as Toni Diesel and Laura Fenster spent two years with me on the JV level and both are now starters on the Varsity. So after watching my JV girls all summer, and then through tryouts and practices, I knew we had something special, something that doesn't come along very often. Talent is one thing, but to add the knowledge and passion of a Coach Sewell is quite another. You see I love what I do, and I live for Connetquot soccer and while most people term me as "crazy" Coach Sewell is right there with me on that line. Her dedication is unmatched and she always is thinking about her girls and this program. It is truly a blessing to have her on the sidelines.

Now back to the first JV game that I have seen since I was the coach. The JV Birds looked as focused as a team could be to end their first half of the league season undefeated. As far as I know, this mark as never been attained. By the time I had got there "Cleats" as I call her Jess Cordano had already given Connetquot a 1-0 lead. As the game moved on I saw things that would make other JV coaches cry. The spacing and the ball movement, the leadership, and communication were at another level. The through balls (which did float due to the wind) had great intentions, and most importantly the 50/50 balls. 50/50 balls are probably the most important stat of a soccer game. Think of them as rebounds in basketball or turnovers in football. They truly can turn a game around. It is a stat that I keep religiously and let the girls know individually how they are doing with it. Well, let’s just say that there were several T-Bird players that were undefeated when it came to this category. Dawn Hickey an outside forward was 7 for 7. Center midfielder Jackie Trentowski was 6 for 6 including one sprawling clear that not only got us possession but changed fields. I was so impressed. Another element of the game that  this team did well was take the ball from the center of the field and find their outside forwards whether it was Lauren Worden, Dawn Hickey, Jill Meyers, or any other girl wearing white. Our forwards would then drive the ball down the line giving us the needed space to free our forwards and midfielders in the middle. The crosses would be sent in and we just attacked. The balls that went in were gorgeous headers one from Cordano and the other from Jaime Ann Eden. But countless other crosses just missed and the pressure most have been unbearable for Whitman.

The defense of the T-Birds is something I was looking forward to seeing, and they didn't disappoint. To watch Sam Dias with and without the ball is a great learning experience for any young player. She is never out of position and always places the ball so calmly down the line to a midfielder. Natasha Purchla is just too strong in the middle for any JV team, Dana Badla was so controlled with the ball it was exciting to watch her find her mark and deliver the bal. And of course the most overlooked position on the field (my position) the sweeper. It seems that Connetquot produces many high level sweepers, from Varsity captain Nicole Sinacori, to Sophomore sensation Amber Kupres to now 8th grader Teddi Ann Petre.. Teddi has that ice in the veins mentallity that drives that position. Cool as a cucumber and just very smart.

The Midfielders were a delight, from Kristen McKasty, Taylor Mutell, Jackie Trentowski, Jaime Ann Eden, Niki Pelliccio, Emma McGowan, and all the others that were shuffled into the midfield owned the field. The midfielders is what makes or breaks a game and let’s just say these girls can't be broken. 

It would be wrong of me not to bring our goalie Shannon Dias. To look at her you almost feel that you need to hit the perfect shot to get it by her. She is a leader and has a very bright future (not just because she wears a bright green shirt) with the program.

I just want to say Thank you to all the supporters that came out to cheer the girls on yesterday and I also want the girls to know that you have made the community, your school, and all of your coaches very proud. We are all honored to have the privilege of you wearing Red and White!!! Go T-Birds, YOU KNOW!!!!!

Any pictures from the JV game would be appreciated.

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