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A Team, A Coach, A Deal, A Dress??

Posted Sunday, October 26, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh

In a remarkable season for the JV girls something was missing. A team that had only known success was lacking their upbeat and powerful energy that lights up the Connetquot fields. Let me take you back a few weeks. The girls had just finished beating every team in the league and was ready for the second go round. To keep the girls focused Coach Sewell made a deal with the girls. If the team finished out the regular season undefeated they would all be given a treat. Coach Sewell a physical education teacher at the High School would wear a prom dress to school, shoes included. So you can imagine how important those final six victories would be. The team that gave the T-Birds their biggest challenge in the first half was Northport and this seemed to be true again as Connetquot battled the Tigers and emerged with a 1-0 victory. Sachem North was next and they too were a formidable foe, however our girls stepped it up again and they were 4 games away from the "DRESS". This is where our story takes an unexpected turn.

Connetquot traveled to Commack a team that they had handled with ease earlier in the year. However Connetquot showed up as an injured team missing several key players. Coach Sewell still knew that she had enough players to conquer the Cougars. Unfortunately the ball did not bounce our way and the Cougars ended the dream of the dress. Our girls bordered the bus heartbroken and dejected.

Practice the next day was quiet, our girls were still working hard but you could tell they had just had their hearts ripped out. Three games remained and the team was going to finish in first place, but that was no consolation for a team that had lost their undefeated season and putting their coach in a dress. CI and Walt Whitman offered not much of a challenge for our girls and all that was left was Bay Shore. Once again our story decides to go in another direction.

With the score 5-0 and the Birds knowing that Sewell would only allow one more goal before they knew they would have to play "pass soccer" a few of the players approached Sewell with a familiar question. The girls asked Sewell if they scored on a header, if she would again consider dressing up for school. Sewell thought about it, and decided that not only did it have to be a header but it had to be a header from a player named Jill. Now the TBirds have two players named Jill (Meyers and Torres) so both players were on the field for the moment that will forever mark the 2008 season.

With all the girls standing and hoping on the bench, Jill Torres took the ball up the field and placed a perfect chip that caught a streaking Jill Meyers right on the head. The ball whipped off Jill's head and past the Bay Shore Keeper for the goal. The girls attacked both Jill's as they retreated back to midfield. Coach Sewell laughing in disbelief applauded her girls performance. I'm sure part of her thinking "Now where is that prom dress?"

The final seconds ticked off and the T-Birds that gave so much to us as fans and supporters regained their smiles, thanks to a coach that refused to allow their dream season to end without their final wish being granted.

Please send all pictures of our BEAUTIFUL COACH SEWELL to Rshamrock21@optonline.net so we can get these pictures on the site. PS Coach wore her heels until about 7th period until her feet hurt so she decided to wear her sneakers with her dress.


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