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Posted Sunday, October 26, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh

A season begins with many goals of all different levels. In order to get to the big goals the small ones need to be accomplished. As a coach I decided that we needed to start he season right where we left off last season at Ward Melville. I also wanted to play top teams during preseason to get us ready for the battles that we would face against Sachem North, Northport, and Commack. So enter North Babylon, Sayville, Half Hollow Hills East, and Hauppauge. Each team a 2008 playoff team. While things didn't start off well with two scrimmages that saw the T-Birds struggle to get their act together. But the minute that ref arrived our team arrived as well. Bring in goal # 1 for the T-Birds

Beat tough competition before league play starts:

The T-Birds defeated all 4 non league opponents including a hard fought 3-2 win against Sayville who at the time was ranked 4th in the state. (Goal 1- Check)

Our Next goal was to be in striking distance of a league title at the half way point of the season.

After big wins against Northport and Sachem North and a 5-1 record the girls were just 1 point out of first place. (Goal 2- Check)

Our next goal was to compete evenly against Commack and Northport. When all is said and done the T-Birds earned 5 points out of 8 points against the big two--Northport earned 4 out of 8-- and Commack earned 3 out of 8. (Goal 3- Check)

And of course our biggest goal which many felt to be unlikely was a League Title. A title that has eluded us for over ten years. After the T-Birds beat Bay Shore on Wednesday the biggest League goal was attained and Connetquot was the 2008 League II Champions!!
(Goal 4- Check)

Believe it or not this was just our short ranged goals. Our long term goals are in the process of being fulfilled.

1- Strong seed for at least a home game in playoffs (seeded 2nd and will play every game at home. (Goal 5- Check)

2- Win the Suffolk County Championship

3- Win the Long Island Championship

4- Win the State Championship

One day at a time, one game at a time, one minute at a time, one kick at a time

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