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A Great Year, An Eternal Legacy, A Bright Future!!

Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 by Coach Cavanagh
    Any coach will tell you that the best way to get over a tough loss is to get right back on the horse. Well that worked with the loss against Commack as we went on to dominate all our opponents after that defeat. However there was no horse to get on after the West Islip bus departed. So like many of you I have been going over several of the plays and decisions I made in my head. In many ways this loss is the toughest defeat I have ever suffered whether it be as a player or as a coach. We will never be able to get that game back and for my seniors I am heartbroken over that. However, as usual the girls have found a way to pick me up.

   To my surprise the sun was out the next day after the hard fought loss, I mean how the sun could find the strength to shine when we were all so down was puzzling to me.  I mustered the energy to get dressed and go to school and teach. Of course my colleagues who were intensely following our season greeted me with understanding faces, Honestly,   I really didn't want to see or talk to anybody.  Not even the wisdom of Coach Hafner made me feel any better. I made it through the morning and as I walked down the hall I received a letter from a fellow teacher who was at the High School that morning. She told me it was a letter written by Alyssa "The Spark Plug" Scala about how she felt after her tough miss in PK's. The letter was to her teammates and coach. We all knew that Alyssa was hurting, and for the T-Birds that is what hurt us the most. We wanted Alyssa to know that she was loved and appreciated. But in true Alyssa style she let us know how loved and appreciated we were to her. Fighting back tears (I know big surprise.) I felt like a new day had begun. Alyssa was going to be OK and so were we all. That letter is something that has no value attached to it, it is truly priceless.

    And then there was the collection of the uniforms on the Monday following the loss. A day that we all thought we were going to be playing on the field was spent together in a much different way. We talked quietly and had a few laughs, but seeing their faces was the true remedy I needed. These girls played with their hearts and left everything out there on the Connetquot fields. They should never have to hang their heads and they weren’t!!

     Now many days have passed and East Islip is going on the bus that we had all hoped to ride on, but you know what, it is OK. Our seniors have graduated our program with their legacy cemented in our hearts of being the true Building Blocks of a new era in Connetquot Girls Soccer. They will graduate having put Connetquot on the map in girl’s soccer. Think about it, these seniors have seen it all from a 1 win league season to, being ranked #1 in the county, #2 on Long Island, # 8 in the all sports on the Island, #8 in the State of New York, a #2 seed in the County Playoffs, 2 playoff wins for a program that has never won a playoff game in its history. I would say BUILDING BLOCKS is a fair declaration, wouldn't you?

    Now it is time for our juniors, sophomores, and freshman to continue working to our eventual goal of State Champions. We are a playoff tested team and our younger girls have known nothing but playoff soccer, so we will be prepared for anything next year. Look out Suffolk County because Connetquot Soccer Will BE BACK!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL and the card that was given to me at the breakfast will never leave my bulletin board so in the cold days of February when I am going to a soccer conference I will know why I am putting in the effort. 

Go T-Birds
Love Always,
Coach Cavanagh

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